To my offline homies -

How much would you say you make after running through the Doms this year? Last year ik it was about 300k, is it roughly the same this year?

Not a whole lot of MT rewards this year. Tokens and jerseys/arenas. You can sell those but they have lost a lot of value since beginning of year. Most MT just from end of game MT.

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@2kballNow Damn, is that all fantasy and all time dom is; tokens? How much do you finish with?

419 total from all 3.

Edit: I can’t give you an exact on the MT, but if you add it up from the rewards/games then yeah, it’ll be a couple hundred K


If you include the cost of contracts, it is like profit of 100k I would guess

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Yeah dom is more about the tokens this year. You can get as far as you can using low tiers which will help your mt count, but not ridiculously.

@HarryLundt might have some insight into this as I’m pretty sure he did the doms as budget as possible

I don’t know the total of all the MT bounties. In game MT would carry totally by ones contract costs of course. I’d imagine possible to earn 400-1000 a game, with most probably using an expensive enough lineup to be on the lower end of that.

But over 99 games that’s something, even without MT bounties. And aside from selling pack pulls, there’s the Tokens. And even if one didn’t use them on Rewards there could be some considerable MT conversion from buying packs in Token market. Not that that is necessarily advisable.

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You also missed the boat on the jerseys from fantasy dom, they were selling for a lot.

Not as much anymore.

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