To lock, or not to lock? That is my question

I had some pretty good pack luck and pulled 3 Butlers, 2 Embiids, One Oscar, 97 AD, and 2 95 Currys. Quite a few amys from the set along with Amy KD, 2 Amy Jokics, Amy Drummond, and countless rubies including LBJ, Randle, and some other moments. This is from 6 boxes, two with diamond toppers and multiple diamonds and amethyst. I only had two ruby toppers out of the six.

I bought a Kidd for 260K with a diamond Curry 2 high shoe, but I’m really not sure about locking in the set. What would you guys do?

Up to you that’s a lot of Mt sitting

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True, and I really like Magic and PO RWB over Kidd and Oscar. Embiid and Butler are intriguing though.

I wouldn’t personally, embiid good but he not better then the top dawgs, same with kidd, and as much as I like 3&D players, you can get cheaper versions of that type of player with jimmy, on the other hand, if your team is sellable, then do it and sell everyone else that doesn’t complement giannis

It’s late May… we really asking these questions? The games has a few weeks before 2k is done with it lock if you want the damn card

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If you want Giannis, or are a bucks fan lock it… or you can sell the cards load up on MT for when they release PD Lebron