To evo hedo

From sapphire to Ruby you need to score 150 points in a single game

Play the Ruby Coby White challenge. 5 minute quarters on rookie

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I just think it’s hilarious that’s in there right now…


Is that all you have to do? At least it’s different

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The only issue I anticipate is fatigue. Can he go long enough to get 50 3s? (Wow, it looks even more stupid even I type it out. Fucking 2K, man.)


Surely that have to fix it to just score 150 points, not in 1 game. It’s hard enough to score 150 with your team let alone 1 sapphire player


It says one game lol

Yeah I’m pretty sure 2BG said they were fixing it

Is that the first level? Or if not what’s the evo for the first level?

It seems like something that will get changed, but it’ll be a low priority item for now.


Sapphire Hedo is <10k rn and takes one game to Evo to Ruby, which is selling for 30K+…

Go get that MT!


Shit im not home

He’ll still be profitable tn… He’s too popular

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what do u got to do to evo to ruby

150 in a game
10 3s

Easy on one rookie dom game and produces 20k Mt profit if you sell. I’ve done it once and boutta run another

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They ain’t gonna fix that 150 in a game?

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How the hell do you score 150 points in a game is this shit glitched?


Hedo was one of the best stretch 4/5’s in 2K19. Only when he was close to base 11 or whatever it was though.

Made 60k in a lil over a hour EVOing two sapphire Hedos

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