To anyone who preordered the 20th anniversary on NBA 2k19 on xbox does this happen to you too?

So I preordered recently and the thing thats happened is that it shows that I preordered it but doesnt show the date i get to play and it doesnt show in the store that i preordered that version. All it says is that i bought the regular preorder i believe and it says that its available on the 11th. I contacted 2k support about it and they said it should be still available on the 7th so dont worry… I still worry though and wondering if anyone else had this problem lol

Does same for me but bought madden digital it did same similar thing it was good

ahh okay good to know. Did madden have a preorder through the game or anything or through store? Also when i preordered i had to refresh games and download from install or something so was wondering that too

Yea had it preorder

Mine’s done the exact same. It’s only let me download 100mb, and it’s only got the picture of the standard edition.

Worrying indeed.

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you can see on your Microsoft account settings under what you bought that you got anniversary preorder, how much you paid, when you will be charged and etc, just look there :slight_smile:

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Oh sweet thanks . U play Xbox too? If so I’ll add u we can play if so sometime

Yeah same. What’s ur gt I’ll add u

I’ll pm you my tag.

Sounds good mate