To all Warriors fans

Do you guys hate it when they just ONLY feed Klay the ball for the first 6 possessions straight? He’s the third best player on the team, and I have no idea why they constantly do this. I feel like they could be up by 10-15 points if they let Curry and Durant be the primary options early in the game.

You’d be a horrible coach


I mean, he misses his first three shots, why continue to feed him? It’s just interesting because I notice this most games — Klay gets 75% of the shots for the first 5 minutes of every first quarter.

Rhythm shooter. Trying to get him in a groove.

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Honestly, I think Klay might be the most consistent streaky player they have.

I mean like, if Klay has a night, he’s ON all night.

Durant and Curry can score, but I swear, when Klay is on, no one scores faster or more efficient than he does

yeah that’s about right. Klay needs to hit his groove, which I’d imagine they try to do early. He can’t create his own shots the way curry and kd do

Klay is THE option

I’d rather feed Klay than let Durant run his p/r pull up middy. I saw him brick 3 identical shots in a row to open the game the other night

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