To all the people who ban?

Are y’all playing nba2k18 or y’all start over on nba2k19?

My god just move on already


I have moved on to another game and I play 2k18 from time to time. If I knew servers will be up for a year I would of been playing this.

Imo Anyone who was banned should have just created another account. The market is crashed. You could probably get your same team instantly. Larry Bird is around 100k. There’s plenty of Pink Diamonds sub 50k Granger Hill 65k. Opals under 200k.


Lol I dont even play 2k anymore. I’m done till September


Lol what do you get from being rude to this guy

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Its not his first thread about it

I just created an account and 5 brownshirts
Pulled PD Ayton and PD Fox in 5 packs


Can’t login to the servers from other profiles aswell

He always give me a hard time. I haven’t even made a thread about nba2k18. Everything been about nba2k19. If I say the sky blue and going to message: it been blue!! I haven’t did a thread in a min. I cant win for lose in here . I tell people about mj and pg before they come out and still get down play.

Dang, i wonder if they did me like that. I was able to create a account three times

Anyway 2k18 is the worst 2k of all time so no thanks


Loved 5 out in 2k18 lol

Locked Oscar played a great 2 games and im done for the next couple weeks lol

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That game was broken by any means

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I haven’t seen you much on here

@DEG how do I become raptors gm along with @raptorsbenchmob

That’s was something @2KGamer did , best bet will be to ask him or wait for him to pop on

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There might be a spot in ps4 for raps gm. But im currently the xbox representative lol

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40hour job + 5 classes killed me this semester lol

and Game isnt as fun for me anymore

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