To all the Australians in here

I was in a unlimited game and got disconnected (I thought it was typical 2k gameplay ) but then I wasn’t even on the ps network either so I checked with my isp and apparently they whole company is down .

Anyone else not able to connect to Telstra I’m not sure if other isp are running as usual but the nbn is so trash…

So it seems the whole east coast is down with their net smh

Hey yeh i can’t connect to Telstra either, got disconnected at 9-0… Good to know it’s not just me

Yup looks like no 12-0 runs for us ahah

i dont even have nbn cos the government is too lazy

If you change your DNS servers manually, it seems to fix it (just tried for my phone and laptop). Can change it to with as secondary

I’m not with telstra but my phone is Optus and is all good. NBN is TPG and they are all good too.

Aussie broadband and optus phone im all good

Aussie broadband and optus phone. Everything is fine on my end.

Vegemite. Koalas. Platypus. The Irwin’s. Mate. Crickey. Aussie Rule football. Pub chicken. Kangaroos. Aboriginals.


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Yeah what’s that never heard of it maybe bin chicken

I assumed he was talking about a Parma

Some people ddos Telstra and that’s why it was down today some people have too much time on their hands

If you changed your DNS from to it fixed the problem. For some reason it just effected their DNS channel