To all seasoned PC players here

i did it again, i opened a support ticket with around 15 different problems i have with the game and, you already know, the help equals 0. just a constant repeat of “sorry, i cant help you. what else can i do for you?”
anyways since there is minimal, close to 0 anti cheat on pc, i wanna ask if there are faster methods to grind your players this year?
i understand that this might not be suitable to talk about in the thread, so feel free to DM me

I think cheat engine still works, so you can edit the stats of the players

stats dont really matter, correct me if im wrong, but my center was kinda useless when i maxxed him out with no HOF badges at all. once i got HOF rim protector and rebound chaser i started feeling competitive.

i was hoping that there is a way to shortcut those :slight_smile:

I don’t get the sense that much of the PC community here is very into the Cheat culture. But feel free to share any good shit you learn with me!

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I just wanna know how someone has like almost 4k triple threat offline wins lolol

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thats why i offered to DM me too but reading on steam or wherever i get the sense that noone really cares. im not looking for a green machine engine… id just like to cut corners badge wise :smiley:

I don’t know about badges (i don’t play on PC since 2k17) but since the player stats are stored locally you can edit them on the fly using cheat engine

One thing I noticed are diamond shoes and diamond contracts are not in packs.

All you guys doing cheat engines are strictly offline right? I just deal with the continuous network error that is so easy to pull on PC.

Sorry I don’t even know what a cheat engine is, i just play myteam and collect cards, Just offline stuff…after googling cheat engine i do now, not for me.

im not using anything, just trying to figure out options since 2k doesnt care about the pc comunity at all. there are a bunch of 99 ovr in the parks and im wondering how… or did they really grind all the way? how is the situation on consoles?

Yeah, offline only.

Oh, I’ve heard dirty stuff about Park on PC. I don’t play park at all, just MyTeam and PNO. The only issues I run into a lot is when I’m up they can trigger that stupid network error easily.

CE all day on PC, boring af