To AD or not to AD?

Just wanting to get the vibe from the community…

Reached Wade today and I’m left with about 400k. My play style is mostly centered around the backcourt and I prefer traditional big men.

I have only locked in one set all year (the dirk spotlight because I got impatient for tokens to get my first opal reward.), but this Dwight Howard has me considering.

All that said, do you think I should pull the ripcord and sell off, as I have always considered Wade the crown jewel, or stay the course for AD?

If I sold it would be after the market rebounds a hair. What would you do? Also, lock in for Dwight or nah? Sabonis and Shaq are currently doing the work down low for me.

Thanks in advance.

what are the cards you have vs those that you dont. obviously you know the total cards and what you have better than I do. but if we’re only <75 cards away from AD being achievable would that make sense to carry on? I guess the qn would be if that’s worth the wait for about a month to get Dwight

I’d probably say f it and get Dwight. but still go for AD

Might as well go the distance

in fact. I forgot AD was 100 over wade. they added 71 new jerseys today right? we should be really close now?