TMacs Price

Will it ever drop?
I sold it a week ago and prices have risen up since.
I want to but back but not at that much of a loss of any.

What’s he at right now?

Just wait until a code drops


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2k announces a big drop and people panic sells so yea


I was wondering this too. Sold mine a week ago for under 400k and now they’re all going 500+ and there’s barley any in the AH. I’m pissed I sold him haha

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Everyone is locking TMac or holding onto him. He will be in my lineup until his opal. I dont care if hes over 700k at some point


I can get him for 30k in August


I just sold mine for 550k, have Opal Roy so I’m gonna see if he drops in price somewhat :man_shrugging:t2:

What fun is that though… by then only a third of players or less are even playing the game.

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That’s the point lmao. Game be dead plus all the pack be ups with great ass odds.

his price still high. still the best SG along with roy which is much more expensive, people say it’s free, nope, you have to invest alot of time and bought the cards for each challenges. both got great jumper, high release… best card atm.

Can anyone say for sure when T-Mac’s price tops out on Xbox? I think it’s about time to sell, but I want to grab as much as I can for him.

Sell him on a saturday or sunday would be the best advice you can get, no one knows which cards are we up to

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You shouldn’t sell t Mac until opal Tmac drops there’s been like 10 of these topics about people selling him n wanting him back. That’s all the proof you need right there bout how good he is people will tell you Derozen just as good but there ain’t a thread every other day about people regretting selling derozen. Also the price of the card usually tells you how good it is hitting the bid button is how the community votes on card strength. N he gets a ton of votes. Mcgrady this year is like granger last year their just different.


Last year pink diamond Tmac was going for a million and then they put him available in the TTO board and he dropped to like 30k eventually

Selling the mighty TMac for a 3rd time tonight. Found an amethyst with a contract and shoe for 30k flat. 4-500k is just too much MT to tie up right before all star break when the market should definitely dip a little. I’m guessing we get our 1st auctionable Opals but we’ll see what happens. If anyone wants to grab my Tmac with contract and neon green Kobe’s ending in 4 hrs on xbox for I dunno 750k that’d be sweet!!!

sell now because once they start dropping opals that tmac card will just depreciate

nah too expensive, ill wait til June when they release Prime superpacks.

Mine sold for 599k lol on ps4 yesterday

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