Tmac/Vince Duo

Anybody else had success with this duo or is it just me??

Do you have a success with Love as C? I can imagine it should be total BBQ chicken.

I’ll run him or Malone at the center depending on what the matchups are

You run Dipo and Mitchell and Lillard over Wade???

Wade can’t shoot bro

Mine has 99 open shot 3 and a 96 moving 3. What you talkin’ bout Willis? Use a shoe!

If you already have a player locked you might as well invest in him with a shoe if it makes him better than the alternatives IMO

Mine doesn’t have a diamond shoe. This post was about the dynamic duo, not about players I do or do not have

I love the duo. Then again, my VC has a shoe and he has like 99 3PT ratings across the board. This TMac is essentially the 94 overall TMac from last year with this duo.

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