Tmac Users. What plays do you use for him?

What plays do you guys use? Unless youre into that snatch back 3 pnr cheese

If you’re talking about plays to get him open for 3: Fist 52 Loop, Fist 35 Horns X, Fist 35 Horns Quick, ISO 3, ISO 32, Quick 2 Dive CNR, Quick 2 Flare Opt(call play for someone with 3 point play, make initial pass with TMac as ball handler), and Punch 5 Flare Rip.

If it’s simply PnR plays you mean there’s too many to list.

What playbook?

They’re in different ones. Use this:

andmaythefranchise on Reddit

I also suggest if you strictly want to see how T-Mac works with these plays running through 2KU->Practice Plays and going through playbooks and finding what is best for you.

I remember there being some kind of weird play in the Celtics 08 playbook this guy I was playing online used but I forget which play it was.