Tmac Pink Diamond final price?

What do you all think around 130-150k in about a week? Penny went down from 300k to 80k.

Penny was never 300k, on consoles at least

I got tmac for 130k on xb1 about 2 hours ago

Ding Ding Ding … The champ is here… Ding Ding Ding … The Champ is here.

That should be attached to every comment you write from now on @JohnnyHimrod


Been trying to get Tmac the last day for 135-140k and have been outbid every damn time! I don’t want to spend more than that . You guys think he will get lower than that in a few more days ,should I stay patient ?

He’ll be BIN the next time they release a PD. These throwback playoff players depreciate drastically with every release. Look at Baron Dirk and Penny. They all fall.

Yep hoping for 100k soon.

I only paid 40k for him since my diamond sold 120k

So 160k on ps4 or xb1.

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So 10k per hof badges, plus some small attributes upgrades, I like it

Last night I grinded out one of those dumb 2k episodes since I had 5900vc in my acct and wanted the extra throwback pack. Pulled pd tmac!

Went for 115k today.