TMac Pack Odds

Post your pulls here

PD Tmac pulled

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Sell now 4 hours, buy back tomorrow for halfback price

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Already did, just pulled new Draymond (Diamond)

Smart Man, what open 3 does draymond have

Opened 4 packs. Nothing.

Time to blow all that Mt!!!

I wouldn’t mind blowing all my mt but what other op pd’s can we possibly get?

That’s what I’m saying

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Pulled him on the 5th pack. Was gonna keep him but decided that it would be stupid to not sell and rebuy later.


When u see the pink shake and there comes Baron Davis.


Lol when I saw the pink glow I kept thinking please not Baron! I do think 2K lowers the odds on the older PD’s the first few hours of a new release though.

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Ima buy draymond. And either 96kd/98kobe/kawhi and then rip the rest and keep 100k

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Yeah did that too and he came on me :joy:

Damn you pulled Baron?

I bought Rick Barry and Draymond, sold Dirk and Kawhi (butler replacing Kawhi and KD Dirk)

Also thinking about selling Baron to get Penny

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Yeah lol

Hm is dray right now?

Damn I feel for you bro. I guess I was wrong and they don’t lower the odds on the older PD’s the first day.

Bought him 30k

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