Tmac or KD?

Keep getting outbid on this damn Tmac should I move onto KD? Prices aside is Tmac worth that money or you think KD is better?

kd is better and cheaper i think



KD is better. Best card in game

you can’t go wrong.

Kd is better but Tracy is SG.

Last ball, I m using KD. He is complete card with best animations and badges and tad bit faster release.

1a. Opal KD
1b. 98 Giannis
2. Opal Tmac

It depends, because of position locks, for me, tmac, he probably the tallest opal SG we will get, I think elite shooting guards are more valuable then elite SF, i could be bias tho cause I’m selling KD and I have GO tmac, but I like Tmac in real life more then I like KD

Welp KD is not cheaper close to 4 while Tmac is around 350. I got Tmac right now for 330 bid hopefully that’s not an L in an hour

This is like choosing between Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson



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Gal Gadot >


I dont think this is a debate.

KD can do everything Tmac can and hes a better defender. Tmac seems like a Luxury pick.

With that said Tmac is coming home just not today unless I pack him. I’m looking hard at PD Tmac though.

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Both are a must have but if you get opal KD and PD Tmac, it would still be great


I can’t believe I got him for 330 5min ago I see a buch over 4…and yea just played a tto with him and at least ofball he played like fucking Melo constantly leaving PG who just destroyed him. I don’t offball but I mean when I wasn’t controlling him

I actually may relist right away and try and nab KD

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I’ll take either one any days of the week on god .

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Yeah KD is a game changer grab him for sure

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OMGGG nevermind moved Tmac to the one in triple threat and he’s a fucking glitch. That SHOT is so wet and a perfect speed on hof. Quick enough to get off with any bit of space but not so quick where you can’t time it. Damn it might be hard to flip Tmac back. Lol

You forgot dr j exists




It’s just triple threat but this man just did this effortlessly against Magic and all fucking greens

Dr. J got the dust blown off him and went straight into my starting lineup

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