Tmac Extinction

Happening faster than anticipated, only 7 total up on XB1.

How much is he going for? I locked in the Prime set already, but curious.

I’ve been waiting for this… Time to sell my TMacs… Hopefully PS4 is similar.

23 Tmacs up on PS4.


Not yet wait another 2-3 weeks.

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By then Roy would be out

Yeah, I’m trying to time before Roy. I might wait until this Sunday. Thanks for the count @Kobe6Rings


Doesn’t matter people will still lock for Ray. Same thing happened with the Karl set last season.

Risk of super packs hitting Tmac are low.

I feel like 500K and a PD Kobe could make me sell TMac.

I feel like you wouldn’t get both at the same time. Pd Kobe comes out and Tmac drops at least a little in my eyes.

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You probably right :joy:

I’m selling cards Friday before the qualifier on Saturday.

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The more I play with this Diamond the more I feel like the PD and Opal will be the best cards in the game. Maybe a late Opal Giannis with Range Extender or a fake Shaq again but that’s it.

This Diamond Kobe only has 6 HOFs and only 2 of them for shooting. Imagine him faster with better ball handling and his post game on top of 20+ HOF badges :pray:


Yeah Kobe is OP this year. I’m very excited anticipating the PD and Opal.

I’ll be honest. I struggle to hit shots with TMac at times. Played two MTU games last night and it was rough. Most of the time I win, TMac is my leading scorer though. So it’s literally hit and miss lol. If he gets to 475K-500K, he will be gone in anticipation of either Kobe or an MJ.

But yes, Kobe is a beast even now. I thought about picking him up last night again

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None of this matters hype beasts want every card possible, will continue locking for Ray Ray. 1 million Tmac incoming.

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B-Roy is like a month away still.

Tmac is one of the few expensive cards I have that I didn’t dump for MT holding purposes. I can’t, there is just too many times where he will Green 4+ shots in a row and I haven’t used another card like him this year.


I hope you’re right. I might just keep holding for longer and risk it. MT is cheap anyhow. The thrill of selling him off at 1 million each is quite alluring.

AH isn’t very active in the morning and ppl might not be posting their cards knowing a release is coming. 2 minutes left a Tmac is ending at 350, I don’t think he’s becoming extinct.

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