TMAC and Yao purchase time

When is the best time to purchase TMAC and Yao?

Not today


Well… I could see Yao bottoming out and bouncing back up for a few days. I could easily be wrong.


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7-9 days from now when they’re about to be out of packs.

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I remember Yao GO bottomed out then started rising again

I got mine for 110k this morning…

I bought TMac for 500k, couldn’t resist. Pulled Yao, still have almost 2mil so I’m chillin

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Same shit happened last year lol

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Yeah after hype dies down and people are tired of slow centers then they dump Yao again.


Bought yao for 146 yesterday and he singlehandedly won me an MTU game while missing zero shots. Keeping for a while but he’s making me choose between KAJ and Dwight and I’m leaning KAJ on middy alone now.

Lol I should have purchased an extra Yao.

Or maybe I should sell back the Yao I have now?

Gauging market trends is fun


Yao cheese is special he worth any price.

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Fun for sure but also a pain in the ass.

Soooooooo many Yaos were bought for like 100-130k when those people see hes going for more they’ll throw him back in the AH and drop his price again.

Yao cards are crazy in the market.

I should have bought one more yao…

What’s he at now

Yao around 135K on Xbox right now.

My Yao sold for 180k this morning. W


Indeed. I just won an auction with contract for 129K.

Just got tmac for 340 I’m happy