TJ Ford - forgotten star of the 2003 draft class

Really loved this guy. It’s a shame his body failed him. Giant :heart: on him


Damn shame what happened to TJ, dude was a baller for sure.


I was always a fan. I hated seeing what happened to him, but good to see he’s doing well today after his NBA career.

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I’m impressed with how good he looked after he returned the 1st time. Still crazy fast and fearless driving to the rim

My only knock on him - those shorts were wayyyy too big for him. Like comically big

I’ve got a TJ Ford raptors jersey, loved him so much my favourite raptors one two punch guard combo ever was TJ Ford and Jose Calderon I’ve got both their jerseys. I remember one year we were in the playoffs first round against Orlando. D12 was killing us we were down like 3-0 in the series. But then TJ hit a buzzer beater 3 to win us our first playoff game in what was almost a decade at the time, the ACC erupted and was fucking ecstatic.