Tips To Help With The Domination Grind?

I’m gonna go crazy pretty quick here, and it’s only going to get worse, anything you guys did to keep your sanity?

Make sure you have a Hulu/Netflix/Youtube Red Account

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need help in terms of beating it or to solve the pure misery

Pure misery

There is no cure for the misery. Even Netflix and YouTube can help. It’s beyond tedious.

When I beat it in 17, I used to just keep a few friends in a party to talk to and watch movies.

How much mt to get 3stars on fantasy?

Think it’s 800-900. Could be wrong.

Edit. Just checked 750-800

Thats the 3rd dom right? idek the times lol

No that’s middle.

All time is last one.

Oh how much mt to 3star on all time?

for me, the fantasy dom celtics and suns were not as hard as people made them seem. in both games i was up by around 15-20 pts but wanted to make sure i got the free throw requirement and ended up winning by like 7 in both games.

i finished with 900-975 in both even though only 760 is needed

All time is much easier than fantasy. If you win, you’ll almost certainly end up with over 1200mt