Tips to beat the final Kareem Spotlight Challenge? (60 pts against a God Squad)

So I splurged and got all the Kareem Spotlight cards, and grinded through the challenges. All are exceptionally easy, until the last challenge. In my loss, I dropped 40 with Kareem and lost by 15. I never really felt like I was on pace to get 60, so I figure my strategy is off.

Does anyone have any tips aside from the obvious:

-Get Kareem Evo’ed up- I only had him at Ruby when I lost, now I got him to his first Amy level, and not close to his 2nd; but I am working on it.

-Use the Quick STS in Nets Playbook- the cheese play when getting into an offensive set. Even when using this cheese strategy though, I found that the opposition bigs bullied Kareem a bit as he was about to shoot, and often contested or blocked his attempts. So, I am hoping that getting him an Evo or 2 higher will get him some strength and stability so he doesn’t get tossed around.

What lineup do you use? The Spotlight cards are so lacking in bigs. I went with:

PG: Payton/ Oscar
SG: Jerry West/ Byron Scott
SF: Wilkes/ Cooper
PF: Worthy/ Haywood
C: Kareem: Rambis

Unused: Gail Goodrich/ Harris/ McGlockton

My defensive strategy was to full court press to try to get steals and maximize my possessions, which usually works against trash teams, but not so good against this God Squad Spotlight Finale.

If anyone has made a YouTube vid or can direct me to one, then that will be appreciated. Or just some pointers in writing are great too.

Don’t Press full court, have Kareem all the time on the court and manage the timeouts


What defense do you use? Just the default Man to Man?

Yes, and try to mix on ball and off, also slow the pace

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I just did the usual sts play spam and end up beating them with 15pts. It must be the random cpu god mode you encountered



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I played:


Whole 24 minutes.

Spammed STS and didn’t get worried when they went on a run.

It’ll be times where the CPU will drop on the play but 9 times Outta 10, they doubling Payton. I beat it with Ruby KAJ. Abuse STS when Malone is KAJ’s defender too. He gets lost every single time. It’s a bit tough when Wilt and Shaq defend though

Have all elite defenders, if you can build a lead, foul the cpu every time they have the ball to get extra possessions, I find this helps a lot when struggling to get the points

I didn’t have an issue scoring 60 with STS. I think i had 60 before the end of the 3rd. The trick is to set Kareem as close to the court line as you can. I found that if you’re closer to the center of the court, the opposing big will stay on the inside and won’t get stuck/lost while Kareem drives.


I offballed with Kareem unless some GO was driving since cpu defense is terrible this year. You can read a lot of the 3pt plays and intercept passes too.

For offense quick thru STS obvi

This was helpful- especially Wilkes at SG to slow down their Jordan/ Kobe cheese.


Thanks boys, merry Christmas!


Same here. 20 pts per qtr. I think it also helps cause my KAJ is already evo’ed to a 2nd amythest(92) when i did this challenge

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Congrats mate, for sure you’ll love yanis

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Quick Thru STS. Early in the game I full court pressed, and I tried to make them pass to one of the guys down the court. I’d get back to play defense. I had good luck in them missing a number of shots. This also sped the game up and allowed me to get a good amount of points the first few quarters (maybe 40ish). That way I had two quarters for 20 or so points.

The rest of the game I played good defense, typically offballing with KAJ. The players with Clamps are necessary to winning. I ended up losing the first game and won by 20 the second game.

Key is scoring when they miss so you can build a slight lead. Once I got that, I felt more free to shoot some 3s and increase the lead.

This was the first challenge I actually looked up how to use the Nets playbook cheese because I wanted to flip the pink diamonds before the price went any lower. (I picked up both for about 100k)

Using STS I scored over 80 with Kareem easily. I used all 13 players and still won by 20. On D I usually set it to Tight for on-ball and off-ball defense and Double in post on the dribble. That way they don’t get easy layups if they get past the first defender.

Not exactly sure how I feel about there being a play that automatically works 95% of the time, but eh. I’ll take the free Giannis, he’s one of my favorite players

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There’s a video for u bro

Theres no more nets playbooks so i am having same problem ive played 4 times i dropped 45 50 47 and something else its impossible without this play i put up like 80 shots with him he misses easy shots and the computer gets 10 steals on him usually every game because of his ball control and the fact that the computers all have 97+ block is making it impossible

best thing to do is post hook every play bro, if you want i have a service for this i can get it done for you

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The blazers quick 21 rip is an alternative but you really need to camp the AH and get a nets playbook.

Run Quick STS and initiate the play with a moving pass. Once you get the technique the AI usually gets mixed up in the pick action.

Also it helps the spacing if your PF and C are shooters.

Also, try that post hook technique.

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no need to complicate things just call STS as close to half court as possible every play

Up Kareems minutes as full as they can go and get him the ball every play, you’ll have 60 by half

I won by 20 had 70 plus w Kareem and I was unsure I would even be close to beating that challenge and it was way easier than i expected