Tips to beat final Andre Iguodala Spotlight Challenge 17?

I just got run off the court by the PD/ GO God squad. What 2 players should I take, to join this disaster of a Spotlight team? (the Iggy Spotlight players are just not my style at all) I went with PD Giannis and PD Blake but I feel like PD Blake is so similar to Di Green that he was a wasted pick. This is my team, who else should I take in addition to PD Giannis?

PG; Amy Penny/ Amy Kirk Hinrich
SG: Di WIlkes/ Amy Josh Richardson
SF: PD Giannis/ Amy G Hill
PF: PD Blake/ Amy Tobias Harris
C: Sapp Muresan/ Emerald Shawn Bradley

Also, any Defensive settings strategies?

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Just run the shot clock down to about 8 seconds before you send Giannis on his cut. As long as you never miss, they’re bound to miss a few shots.

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Just beat the challenge today. Just for the encyclodepic value that this post may have, here were the keys:

Evo Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner both to Amy, play them at PG/SG. Strictly for defense and for the player builds, which are favorable.

Big Gheorge Muresan (or Yao would have been better but I was too cheap to spend 125L MT). Since their C is Dwight, I could user Big Gheorghe, and just make sure that I did not leave Dwight alone down low, and help out everyone else on D. Also, Di Draymond at the 4 was a perfect matchup for their GO Lebron (Who they have at the 4). Dray bodied up Lebron! I think HOF D Leader also helped.

So the lineup was:

PG: Amy Jrue Holiday
SG: Amy Evan Turner
SF: PD Giannis
PF: Di Draymond
C: Sapphire Gheorge Muresan

I played Di Steph (PG/SG), Amy Bogut © and Korver (SF) for very limited duty, just enough to get the important guys their Gatorade.

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