Tips on how to dribble in the new demo?

Tips on how to dribble in the new demo?

I by no means am a “dribble god”, but I can’t even consistently momentum cross now… I end up accidentally doing sham before instead of crossing over to my other hand. Any tips?

Try holding R2 to momentum cross

exactly like this?

I can only get the animation about 1/10 times now. I could get it like 9/10 times back in 19

this happens every year they make the game worse NOT better

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You have to be more e Emphatic with the left stick ,
I already can do the sham , momentum cross , the Whoop to cross. Momentum spin and momentum to behind the back .
I felt the difference in the way I have to press the LS

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ok thanks!

Another reason zigzag will never end. Making simple stuff complicated for no reason


So I got the momentum cross figured out. Any tips for step backs now? The only thing I have figured out so far is to flick back on the left stick, but it feels like it takes an eternity. Am I missed something?

Back or diagonal back you go between the legs and backwards

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You have to slightly hold the right stick down (back) rather than flick it like last year. Hold it not as long as a step back 3, but longer than a flick

Tips on how to dribble in 2k20:

Turn on PS4

Start the 2k19 app

Proceed to sauce as you should

For real this game sounds awful


You mean the demo that hasn’t been out for 48 hours?


Just chill it’s wild early

Early yes

But haven’t heard anything encouraging so far

Of course they could always patch and change significant parts of the game

Just more proof of their incompetence

Literally what i did this morning on xbox w hibachi, may just be those players suck compared to myteam guys


Aahahahah enjoy 2k19 ! Heard they’re dropping new content soon !,Y’all want that unrealistic 360 move back right lmfao


dribble gods in shambles…

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Don’t worry it’s still in the game. I did the momentum spin with Fred Vanvleet


I’m happy for you :slight_smile:

Enjoy noobs ziggzagging behind screens that actually knock your defender to the ground

Or boosting past you out of triple threat stance with zero stick skills

I personally would rather try to guard a skillful ballhandler, but I don’t see gameplay shaping up to make that a likely thing (at least from this demo)

If you enjoy that gameplay, more power to you


If this makes the iso 5 out playstyle go away I am willing to sacrifice. So boring to play against.