Tips: How to deal with Shaq/Kobe other annnoying Spotlight Historics

The extended discussion is in the vid, but here’s the basic breakdown:

  1. Strategically choose your players to counter the threat on the other team. E.G. I ALWAYS put Giannis on Opal Lebron, and Dino on Shaq, Batum on Kobe.
    2)Since you get 3 players of your choosing on HoF, try to make sure at least one of them blows up the weakest link on the other team. e.g. I’m tearing up Amethyst AC Green with Blake Griffin, or Ruby Bibby with Wade
    3)While everyone will tell you to run Quick Thru STS, try to make sure you have a way to generate threes. Specific tips for that in the vid.
    4)Run a high pace and make a lot of contact on defense, so you get those Gatorate symbols late in the game. It won’t neutralize their effectiveness, but it will reduce it. They foul more(especially Shaq) and they miss more.

I almost never run Quick Thru STS and I’ve already dealt with the Lakers/Heat/Spurs several times on HoF


I double shaq, put Rodman on kobe, hope rick fox doesn’t kill you

Having draymond at point helps

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I find pink diamond roy hibbert has the stength to not get bullied. But using westbrook at center is even more effective (maybe not against defense god shaq) as the isn’t savy enough to switch matchups.

Number 2. To target weakest matchup is super great idea.

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I put Wilt at PF, Tacko at C, Pippen on Kobe. GG


I will keep praising this card until hes 10k :joy:

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Yeah, I talk a lot about Diamond Westbrook PF/C. He’s a real monster overall, but downright easy button vs. CPU.

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I have been running different freelances once I get a 10+ pt lead, but they usually crawl back in it lol. Still, it’s fun at times. It’s not fun when they send the double after 6 points, but I get my whole team involved and it’s funny to watch them try to double whoever gets the ball… then it’s open jumpers and I just need to Green.

There have a been a few games where I kept STS in my back pocket, but for the most part I just run normal offensive sets and test myself. I take it seriously too… I don’t want to play the same game twice lmao

Forreal. 80 percent of the centers you face you can jus pull up for uncontested 3’s as they are too slow to close out even when already guarding.