Tips for no money spent

What should I be playing if im playing no money spent, I heard that limited is also the way to go too since its basically unlimited but less sweat.

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Find players with contracts and grind TTO or TT offline if you can’t win constantly in TTO.


You get rewarded more playing limited than playing unlimited if you enjoy 5v5


Thanks, Is element still around?


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Learn to work the auction house. I’ll run TTO for the rewards and then make a couple sweeps of the auction in between games.


Your the YouTube with the cool voice right?

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lol, yeah. thats him.

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the NMS legend himself

@SpacewardBird2 and party pete the nms :goat:

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Snipe cards get your money up and buy any card you want

I’m retired from MyTeam and 2K in general until I get a god damn XB:SX :joy: which is looking like it might be a while. People are buying them online for $300 more than retail. Imagine preordering an Xbox and making a $300 profit on that one month later. smh. Well I’m not doing that lol

Was grinding 2K20 like crazy still but I finally hung it up. I had every card in the game and wasn’t spending a penny… just playing TTO basically

As far as 2K21, I honestly don’t know anything, when/if I dive into it I will be starting from scratch.

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Unless you work on the auction house, invest, snipe, etc. it will be difficult for a NMS to afford high tier players. Grinding for MT through playing will helps you get some MT’s but its hard to sustain given the constant drops every week. You can get free packs every now and then, but unless you are super lucky every time, it is also not sustainable. Unless you are NMS and only plans to use rewards or token market cards, playing and grinding might be enough.

Take pop bottles in for deposit and buy mt

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Ohh shit I never knew you were on 2kgamer!!


:+1: Surprise you didn’t tell OP to watch your channel. You’re probably the only YouTuber I would watch from start to end… so damn informative and just an unreal radio voice. Glad you’re back!


ah. another little tip came in my mind.

be sure to have a plan when youre buying these players for XP.

what i want to say is. dont buy 20 players for grinding XP. then youre not finishing all of them in like 2 weeks. and the prices will go down for the cards so ur loosing more mt.

do so much challenges youre able to do in a short time span at least with auctionable XP cards.


So this is the first year I’ve been 100% NMS. What has helped me is don’t obsess over the newest cards that come out. There are plenty of budget beasts out there for you to start off with. I didn’t have a top tier card for the first month or so. I grinder and bid sniped a lot of lower tier cards. You don’t make a lot of MT off each transaction but over time it’ll add up. The risk/reward is high in doing this. Even if you accidentally over pay for a card or the price goes down you are only looking at losing a couple thousand MT. I bid sniped and sniped a lot of ruby cards. I know this seems like a dreadfully long process but it panned out.

To do this successfully you need to know the market, especially the specific market you are trying to make MT from. If you are bid sniping Gerald Green cards know what his value is. If you are doing a generic snipe filter know the cheapest cards in that set or class so you don’t over pay.

Check badges early and often. Badge prices seem to have the biggest fluctuations in the auction house. Constantly go through your collection and see what is worth what. Also @Floki5000 makes an insane shoe and badge list and as far as I know he updates that weekly. Use that as a guide to see what the market is doing and if you are getting a good deal.

TTO (both online and offline) are easy money makers. If you are not winning on a consistent basis in online then move to offline. Use two gold cards (I like Jarrett Allen and Bamba) and a card that can hit 3’s with consistently with. The contracts for Allen and Bamba are 120MT for 5 games. Run the Give and Go and you should be knock down almost every time.

Limited is a pretty easy way to get a good player when the season is over and you can get some good things when you are hunting for the ring along the way.

Put in every locker code that comes out. There is an app that I believe someone on here made that you can download and it’ll push the notification to you when a new code is released.

When purchasing a card that you want for your squad either try to snipe one or set yourself a max bid and don’t go over that. It might take some time but you will get your card. I can easily get Giannis but I have set myself a bid limit and have stuck to it. This way you are not overpaying for cards. Look at what additional badges they might have added to the card. If you know the badge market you will know how much extra that card should cost.

The last thing I’ll say is patience. It took me some time to reach over a million and have a stacked squad. Trust the process and you’ll be fine.


Have you made a good amount of mt bid sniping Gerald green?