Tips for Dunks / Plays vs. CPU

Hi everyone—I just installed the game this week and am struggling a bit to get easy dunks / layups versus CPU with low OVR cards. The play style that I used on current gen last year isn’t working for me, and I cannot blow by high OVR / HOF Clamps defenders using 5-out.

If anyone has any tips for getting easy dunks and layups versus the CPU for next gen, please either reply to this thread or send me a PM.

Many thanks!!

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I’ve been playing the heat playbook (silver and I run the “Rub” plays I believe there called. Just look for 2 or 3 plays where your team is on the right side of the floor and on the empty side you’ll get a P&R with no one blocking. Run a big body for a good screen

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play on current gen if you just want easy lay up and dunk. 5out and press triangle to make your player to cut to the basket. you can’t do that on next gen.

Thanks for the replies. I may just skip all challenges that require dunks and save myself the frustration.