Tips for Clutch Time offline?

So currently I’m playing a little bit of Clutch Time offline for Jamal Crawford and he looks like a solid card that I really wanna get badly.
So I’m asking for some help on the mode since currently I’m at I think the 20 - 30 wins reward right now.
I just wanna find out what’s best strategies for the mode especially on higher difficulties.

Run Evo cards, you can get all of the op Evo cards as rewards from TToff too. I run Vinny, Mathurin, DLo, Naz Reid, and Ostertag and the games are never close.


PM evo amethyst Cassell is good

I usually play CT offline with EVO cards because for some reason the EVO cards that are evolved seem to be counted as if they are not evolved which makes the games a lot easier to win.

Yeah evo rookie cards are great , made a run for a centerpiece few seasons ago , easy with Ivey/Mathurin/Dieng/Banchero/Holmgren all diamond but CPU sees them as saphir cards :ok_hand:

I’m running Evolved Vinny, Shades Mathurin (player locked), Shades Dieng, Evolved Naz and Evolved Ostertag. Just let it play itself out. Just need to set a 2 - 3 zone on the first Defensive possession. After that walk away. Easy wins.

Just curious if you are doing the player lock but not using him, would it not be better to use a low rated Gold player? That way the matchup against the open player will likely be someone who cannot do anything. That is what I did last season when we had to get 30 offline clutch wins several time to get reward players.

No, because Vinny and Ostertag count as Golds, the 2 Shades as Emeralds as does Naz.

I’m at 30 now and only 1 loss because I forgot to set the 2 -3 defence

Once I evo’ em up I’ll try this thanks!

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CT completed

no Billy Knight still

lots of player packs, shoe packs, couple of Cosmic packs, pulled 97 Dirk from one of them


LMK how good Jamal Crawford is! He looks really good

LMAO that’s my exact lineup plus/minus Emerald Giannis with updated gold badges!


Was similar to what I was running when using all Shades players. But i was running Dyson, Mathurin, Sochan, Chet and Mark Williams. Mathurin is a scoring machine with the smoothest release. Actually can’t wait for his GO Limited Reward card. Should be fun.

go try amy ostertag and vinny del sol​:rofl::rofl:
they will maych you up with golds sometimes emerald.
with the shades players they can match you with amys.