Timmy D - updated and can wear any shoe!

I wander what other updates on reward cards are!

Wow. Thats actually huge. Hell ya


Definately. Gives him even more versatility. Curious what other upgrades they have done tho. Rashards hot zones are one

They gave wilt 5 more hof badges and ai hof pick pocket

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They need to update Melo so that he can wear any shoe :eyes:

Melo is a Jordan brand player lol


Where can you see that? I always thought Wilts badges were a little strange. Could you please be so kind and tell me his badges? Thx.

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I’m just busting dude badges are same :yum:

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:sleepy: damn. You are messing with me at 6am.

Shit my bad dude Lol have a coffee and you’ll be good to go

Np. I’m already having my coffee. Wilt just made total sense to me. :rofl:

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It looks like a desperate measure to make tokens worthy again without releasing more lol

These are the updates since the release of throwbacks

Yeah Lol if only 2k had some sense…

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What site is that? And do they say what was updated

Its 2kmtcentral app but they havent said anything about updates. Peja has all hot zones in mid and deep, lewis has better zones and duncan with any shoe is all we know so far. The reet would be interesting tho

Im not sure if thats true but I think the truth got more hot zones

Stockton has now all hotzones from 3. I could swear both corners weren’t a hotzone before. If anyone is interested.

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And if i remember correctly Mutombo had a cold zone under or around the rim. Now all hotzones too.

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Yeah i agree about stockton not having all hot zones. But it will he hard to tell if he will shoot better or placebo lol