Time to switch to defensive coach?

Which one is the best? Stevens +5 strength across board.

Is there diff between Stevens and Pop?

No. I wouldn’t switch, I think badges are much more important for defense.

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What coach is everybody running?

Mike Malone.


Terry Stotts. +4 3pt to everyone and gives some defensive boosts too unlike D’Antoni



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Wonder if they start releasing Opal coaches. Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Nelly, Red, etc.

They should also release Opal shoes. Gotta keep up with the power creep.


I’m curious as to why they haven’t done historic coaches yet


5 attributes straight to 99

These 3pt coaches are gonna be worthless soon everyone is 95+ already

I ran Brad for along time, helped me go 12-0 every round, I think the need for defense is less now, but u do notice the strength difference on offense and defense, since kawhi has pf as his first position, his strength, rebounding and block goes up alot, same with mj too.

The only difference between pop and Stevens is the starting freelance I’m pretty sure.


I made the switch to Steven’s abt a week ago. So far so good. I miss the speed boost from malone. But the strength is nice too.

Are the boost the same as 2K19??

Similar for defensive coaches

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Probably licensing issues. Probably not worth paying them.

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I wonder if they could do 1987 Lakers coach, 1996 Bulls coach etc. if the names were generic like that. It would be fun to have more variety in styles.

That’ll be 2k21’s “new and exciting” feature, but I don’t think it’s coming this year

Its almost time. As the cards get better and better defensive stats are what I look to boost.

For now still rocking Malone. I can’t believe I’ve been using him since launch.

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