Time to sell back?

When do you guys start selling back? I just got Kidd, I don’t want to collect that many cards for freaking 15k MT or 35 tokens, I don’t even want Eddie Jones. So what do you think? I actually like collecting but I’m also busy busy and can’t play that much… I’m at 400k MT, what do y’all think?

I’ve been debating this myself. I think I may go for IT and then sell back.


I am about to close in on Eddie jones and then I am going to drop down… but silver players won’t go below 2500 for several months and uniforms will take a while to go below 1000.

Sell back when there is no promo.
So right before friday - imo they will be drop something. For example silvers dropped yesterday after the legacy packs.

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Thanks guys for your replies. I would really like to have Jamison but man, that is so far away and for shit like 15k of MT or 35 token (basically play 50 games of TT offline or online instead lol), I dont do that… I just reached J-Kidd, who I wanted (his shot is fucking slow tho).

I think I’ll sell everything I dont want or need which is basically everything except for the Nuggets cards and a dozen players here and there. :slight_smile:

His shot is horrible


Getting to 500 then selling back. Those 35 tokens will get me my first amy token reward.


I got Jason kids but ive started selling back cards but im slowly buying silver’s to lock in sets. Tokens are the main thing atm. If im close to the next collection, I’ll splash out and sell back. The jump from 500 to isaiah is now worth it at all

did that, now I’m at 600k and with a diamond IT, he’s worth it

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I got up to Jason Kidd and sold off. I only used him for a few games and now I don’t even use him.

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I’m getting to IT and then selling back.

I would only go for 750 cards at this point in the game if you’re a fan of IT IRL or a big spender/grinder… Not raining on anyones parade, because I think he would be a fun card to evolve and use but he’s just too small and wont be that viable as the card power creep progresses. I got to 500 cards and sold everything, sitting on a mill


It should be a lot cheaper to get to 1250 cards and grab the 200 tokens when more cards are released IMO

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on a mill?? for a moment thought u were the pc guy that took advantage of the glitch but seems like ure on the ps4 lol

I’m trying to cash in while cards that will end up worthless are worth something now. So I started selling sort of after getting Dawkins. 15 Tokens or whatever wasn’t enough to go to next level.

Will try to keep auctionabke inventory very low for a few months.

I just finished Spotlight Wade and will end up gathering next Spotlight and do those Challenges but have hardly done much in Dom and so have that to grind and I’m not going to need cards beyond Rewards for a good while.

Since I won’t collect up to enticing rewards any time soon there’s no sense in not cashing out as much as I can right now.


I just got Kidd and started reselling as I think cards are worth a good price actually. But I think you can collect until whoever you want as any card will have a min value because every card are required to have a max collector level

agree that kidd makes most sense. getting from 350 to 425 (15k MT) and 500, while 500 gives 35 tokens is just not that enticing

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I’m only at 175 right now. Haven’t made any effort to collect yet, but I wouldn’t mind making a run up to 350 to pick up Kidd and then selling it all back. I only have about 210k MT though so probably not enough. I need to grind more domination haha.

I dont lock sets until Christmas, all the noobs sell jerseys and league cards for cheap

I’m always in it for the long haul so I go all the way to the top prize which I’ve gotten just about every year except for that Jordan a few years back. I also go for as many of the top token rewards as I can get so I always lock in all current and heat check sets anyways. The collecting for those rewards is a big part of the fun for me but in fairness, I also drop quite a bit of cash every year.