Time to get the future of the NBA some Opals 2k!

Time to get these guys some Opals 2k!!! Letssss goooooooo!!! The future of the NBA!!

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Future goats

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Facts brother…facts

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That stop n go on Thybulle tho :joy::joy::joy::joy:

They already gave tacko, bol bol, and Caruso opals bro what else you need?

Thought this was a Zion Williamson thread. Carry on

Yea, plus that entire 1st wave of spotlight sims were dedicated to nobody’s that all of a sudden got pink diamonds & Opals.

I can’t see the thread pics/gifs. I hope we got Jaylen’s dunk over shell-shocked Bron in here

I’ve got a spot for Opal Tatum as soon as we get one. I’d buy Brown too.

I just hope they don’t do them dirty.

Can you see it now?? …it’s an epic presentation of that very dunk :wink:

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We need the “Future Kings” set…

Diamond Sekou

Diamond Nunn

Diamond Mo Wagner

Pink Diamond Jaylen

Pink Diamond Svi

Pink Diamond Sexton

Pink Diamond Mo Bamba

Galaxy Opal Shai

Galaxy Opal JJJ

Galaxy Opal Ja Money

Galaxy Opal Tatum

Reward: Galaxy Opal Zion (PG/PF)