Time to get 2k22?

After years of playing horrible 2K games with a serious commitment of time I decided to take the year off (to this point). I’m wondering if the games worth getting now for $25 cross gen or is it not worth it and I should just wait for game pass?

Haven’t watched anything on the game and decided instead to hit up the #1 2k community for advice. Let your boy know what’s good

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Tough to say. There are a lot of free cards available now. Issue with game pass is that 2K can and will suddenly leave and then you no longer have the game. However, there are probably a lot of better things you are doing with your time now. Is it worth giving it up for 2K?

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Hahaha well… it was 21* yesterday in NYC and I’m a block from the water making it like 0*. I can say that I’ll have more time the next 4 months to feed the addiction. Not to mention I’m no money spent and the game was so bad last year the auction house on Xbox was legitimately dead.

Is the auction house more in line with 2018‘s crazy demand or is the game somewhat dead yet again?

Also how is the general consensus around game play? I was always a defensive head which has been nonexistent the last two years.

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Good way to waste time grinding. Online play is just ass but offline content has been nice

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I would even say online is better. With more modes, easier to play a game against some who does not consistently hit 3’s with a gold center from half court while being 95% covered.

Of course the 2k servers have not changed since 2k18. You need to time your rebound/block/pass for 5 seconds after you push the button.

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If it’s too damned cold to go outside and you’d definitely enjoy offline play at least, then $25 seems like something to chalk up as worth even just a few dozen hours of distraction from how fucking cold it is.

Shit I paid twice that, haven’t had the game open even a dozen hours, and we all think we’re gonna die if the temperature goes below 50 degrees, around here.

I look at it this way: I signed up for Cinemax on Amazon Prime because they did that intro deal where it’s like a dollar for two months and then they full price you automatically. Think I paid whatever full price is for a few months before I realized we don’t watch shit on Cinemax and oh yeah now we’re paying $10/month or whatever for it. And then cancelled it.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I feel confident that 2K is worth 10 weeks of Cinemax.

It definitely is if you already have HBO Max, which has Warrior and Jett, which are the only reasons to subscribe to Cinemax at all. It’s now HBO Max because they folded Cinemax in and I’m annoyed I paid for Cinemax as long as I did.

But I don’t care about the $50 or whatever I paid for 2K even though I haven’t been playing it.

So I say throw caution to the wind. Pull the trigger.


This might seem odd, but I’m curious if your son’s patience ever tested with some 2k nonsense like some scrub who he knows damn well cannot shoot to save his whole family’s life suddenly starts hitting contested 3s (doesn’t matter if it’s the CPU or a user that’s doing it )…does your son ever look at the screen in disbelief and then after pausing for a few seconds maybe put the controller down or pretend to slap the screen lol…I’m asking because I can see myself reacting this way although in my time videogames were much simpler and I remember being jolly and having hella fun paying chip n Dale n ninja turtles on NES lol…so how does he reacts to 2k cheese ? It’s always interesting how young minds react because their nature is sincere and uncurrupted by preconceived perceptions

I think you must have seen him play! It happens all of the time, esp online. He was doing many of the limited games this weekend and kept getting upset about everything. Had to have him take a few breaks and kept reminding him it is just a video game. The delays really kill him as well as the switching.

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I’m having the best time playing 2k this year. Defense has been prioritized more than past years. Nothing like forcing a quit cause your opponent just had 7 pts in the first quarter.

If you got xbox gamepass I would give Hades a play. It’s a mythological Greek set action game that has some if the best fast gameplay I’ve ever tried. Won lots of awards.

Wait a second…he actually plays head to head online at his age without snapping everything in half ? How old is he again ? This game would be very difficult for me to grasp in any half decent way before age 14 , hello even 16…I think I played 2k for the first time around 18-20…and live was alive and on top at the time , 2k were the new kids on the block and even then, I remember the controllers initially being much more difficult to grasp because the scheme was much more robust than I was used to and I actually went back to live and only when my good friend Heas convinced me to try it again and that it’s more realistic , only then I have it another shot and the rest is history

He is 12 but he is really good online, even last year. He wins much more than I do. Last year he insisted playing TTO always with same average pink diamonds at year end and would beat god squads with players you could only get winning tough agendas like Fall and unlimited prizes. Watching play is like watching complete chaos, but he always ends up winning.

That sounds really interesting …Is there any chance you can post like a 60 second video of him playing TTO ? Your son might have the early signs of Tydebo lol , who isn’t even as great as they say imo, I’ve played him myself so I know…also it’s VERY, very hard for me to believe he’s better than you lol , if that’s true considering your vastly superior understanding of the game of basketball, he’s def has a natural talent…have you ever played him head to head in a 5 on 5 setting with more realistic team than are available in myteam ? Id be interested to know how your matchups have went head to head

He kills me. It is never even close. I still cannot follow what his plan is when he plays most of the time. However, he is great at anticipating what the opponent is going to do. When I think the player is open and would normally take a shot (that, with delay, is blocked), he will pump once while the opponent is flying in and then take off around him for either a dunk or hit another open player for a 3. Fortunately I am much better at working the AH than he is so there is something I do better than he does. :blush:

That’s wild to me lol I try to imagine him taking advantage of mismatches in offense play after play but that’s not what happens by what ur saying , in guessing his offense cannot be possibly as variable as yours , and he must rely on some sort of repetition to score , on defense by the sounds of it hile just has a really elite reaction time which is normal for a kid his age without any attention issues , so that part makes sense , part of the reason Tydebo is so good on defense is directly attributed to his pure reaction time …but what I’m wondering is how does the nature of his offense look on a possession to possession basis ? Like I said, I don’t see him having many ppl in double digits at the games end , basketball is a game that cannot be fully understood it comprehended without years of watching/playing esp when ur talking about pro basketball, also I’ve never heard of a kid his age being able to beat anyone at 2k that plays the game regularly and I know quite a few different generations of players …I have friends in my friends list that I’ve never met in real life but I’ve been playing 2k inline with them for over 10 years and some of them have kids close to that age, and none of them are even close to being able to beat their fathers outside of some sort of fluke or one off occurance …you say it’s just mayhem or chaos but that would not be a feasible way to win consistantly in a 5v5 setting so he must be have more than that in his arsenal , no ?

do you play for myteam or mycareer?

I would say his offense is not complete chaos. It looks like chaos but he is just waiting for a guy to get an open shot or open path to dunk. He knows as soon as there is a double team, someone is open.
His defense is not as chaotic. He plays on ball fairly well and when the computer does it’s doubling team rotates quickly to the player. That is ver different than I try. If I can play off ball I will. I also hate doing a full court press while he usually ends up with 3+ steals each game by doing it.

I play myteam,although not sure if that question was for me tbh

For sure lol I’m all over that logic. The only issue is it’s not about the money and more about my time/ worth diving in face first. That said, I’m gonna buy it now or tomorrow and document my NMS journey. For those who know what’s good… appreciate you OGZ

The past two years the game has pure AH for me let’s hope that changes today