Time spent trying to snipe?

Been doing some of the snipe filters the last couple nights without much luck. I know it’s a right place right time kinda thing but after 30min of only refreshing the same filters it gets tough. How long are the dedicated snipers refreshing on most sessions?

I do like 5-10 minutes between games because any more than that I feel like I didn’t actually buy the game to play it

In morning, while waking up and drinking coffee, and quick look in beetween games

There is no such thing as a regular sniping income but I sniped prolly about 2 Million Mt through the year and I’d say you could assume an average plus of 10k Mt per hour. Of course it depends on your filters and your luck

I know there is always some talk going on about how stupid people are to spend much Real money on packs but sniping means basically to “no-life” the auction house for countless hours so it’s not like spenders are sexless incels and snipers are the cool dudes.

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Best time to snipe is furing Night time EST and at the weekends. I get a good snipe maybe every 30 minutes of PURE refreshing

just casually do it while watching movies or TV

10x more than i play the actual game.

While I was home sick, I sniped some good shit. Americans were sleeping and everybody in Europe was working. So I got all the snipes it seemed. But time really flies doing it and before you realize, you have spent half of your day searching stuff.

What all did you grab?

A few amy jordans really cheap and just a bunch of sapphires and rubies. No blockbusters but this cheap stuff probably made me 70-80k in a few days.