Time spent on this year's 2k

Lol so I’m looking at everyone’s and I’ve had the game since March it says 5 days I’ve played but I’ve been playing everyday since March for at least 3-4 hours a day so dunno how that works but no one wonder I’m trash at the game if I’ve only played it for 5 days

I leave 2k on pretty much 24/7. Unless I’m playing another game. I hate how long it takes to start up. And hell yeah my electric bill is high every month

565 h

Is there a way to check this on ps4?

There isnt.

Lol nah there is no way I can calculate mine I’ve been in like 30 accounts on each system this year


Wasted so much of my life this year smh! Lmao

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1.5months I wont get back

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944 hours wasted and a lot of it probably has to do with working from home due to pandemic. Reminds me of what Joe Rogan said

By far the lowest number in a long time.
Only 297h.
1136h in 2k19
1074h in 2k18

And I don’t think I’m buying 2k21 at release, just lost the motivation because of the developers that don’t give two shits about the playerbase.

Imagine being that much of a no life to spend 6000 hours on a game in a year

Too damn much according to my wife but what else am I supposed to do when I’m at work.

Yea my wife wish my ps4 would set on fire. I played 2k20 since the pre release to now . I play 3 to 5 hours a day. On spotlight sims I played 8 to 9 hours

I don’t play much when I’m home. It’s either early in the morning since I’m always the first one up or after everyone has gone to sleep. If I’m on during the day it’s only to check an auction or something. Now at work is a different story. I have alot of downtime between doing things and the weekends are usually slow. Some days I’ll play as much as 12 hours a day at work. Guess it would also make sense that I live at my job for two weeks at a time.

I told myself that I was going to school to be a station engineer since I have passion for it. And plus I have alot of down time to play 2k. But I play mine mostly at night. But with my job I have little time when I get home after I get some sleep . I go to work from 9 pm to 5 am, which the time I get home my wife would be leaving . And right now is a good time to try whatever card you want or build a pretty good team .I finished every offline challenges. So I just play tto offline for the tokens and mt since I got all the vault players.

Lmao nah that was 2k19 :joy:

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I played around 250 hours.

Don’t want to think about how many hours I’ve put in I have

Goat Kobe
Goat bird
Goat curry
500 triple threat wins

And countless losses on unlimited

So around 92 days… Meh probably more last year…
Nope only 1300 last year lol this year WAS nuts. About 1/3 of that time probably came from when we were on lockdown

I am on PS4, but I am sure that my time would be very very high. I finished domination and almost had 1000 wins in TT offline. The only spotlights I didn’t do was the spotlights 2 to get the Brandon Roy. I also sometimes will just leave my PS4 on in the MyTeam menu’s all day when I am not playing.