Time spent on this year's 2k

I remember a thread about this time last year where everyone put how many hours they had out into this years 2k.

Ive just checked mine on xbox and am a little embarrassed to say 36 days… Wow… I hope some of you guys figures will make me feel better

75 days combined on both of my accounts


Does ps4 have something like this? I know around New Years they did, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

How does one check on xbox?

42 days :rofl:

How do you check on PS4?

Also, in case you were wondering who had me beat lol:


Don’t feel so bad, someone on my friends list has 75 days on xbox.

Holy shit that’s damn near 5 months for that guy.

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Carlo the god. He plays this shit more than anyone I trust his judgement on a lot of cards lol.

If he says they’re “brick brick” they’re off my list


I have like 1500 hours

This was exactly what I needed.

Go to profile, and under gaming click on 2k then stats. That’s by memory but it’s something like that

Do we think anyone will top him?

Edit: 3707 is just over 154 days!

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Seeing dudes with 3k hours makes me feel better with my 1.5k hours.


732 hours for me

3141 hour in 2k19 with 1463 hour in 2K20 during Year 2019, i might just wait til 2020-PS4 Wrap-up end of this year
However i’m thinking these statistics includes the hours you don’t play just leave it open, right? I always leave it open and go to sleep


Real facts

Lol what’s mine?