Time required for Iggy etc

Damn, someone did the maths on minimum time required!!! Yeah, stuff that 2k!!!

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And all of that within a 7 day window! As a old school gamer it really hurts to see this kind of stuff in the gaming industry. There are still lots of games out there that are “made by gamers for gamers”. Sadly 2k is the worst offender in that regard. Made by product designers for shareholders.


Yeah, 2k’s casual player experience and season 1 feels completely off from previous games. Said I wasn’t going to invest time this year and have a year off, but here I still am. There’s so much to do and for so little reward, especially this early in the season when it takes a full time working week pretty much just to get a card that will be outdated in a few weeks if not straight away. Hopefully things fall more into place when the season begins and less people are playing due to the less casual side and 2k even things out a little

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I havent played MyTeam in 1 or 2 years. Its always the same in terms of grind. You cant really do it if you have other interests. I will probably enjoy it for 1-2 month and then be off again. I mean they already have cards up with several HoF badges… like that wasnt the case a couple of years ago when i started myteam. It will become high fantasy with cards that can do it all, making any tactic obsolete, in no time…


Think you’ll find only a few cards over the start of most years will have a few cards that have 1 HOF badge, but I’d have to look at 2kdb to see if there were that many straight out with a few of them. Though in saying that, the Trophy Reward cards are available straight away with 10 HOF’s. Now that is crazy!

I will say that is crazy. I play more than I should, but there is no way that is worth it unless you were planning on playing all of those game in one week. No card is worth that. However, the cards are also available in clutch, TT/O. However, the card rewards seem to be dropping even less this year.

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Plus, you get a choice from the Limited Reward of all of the Takeover players. I’m happy with just one of them in Season 1 and if I get lucky in a vault opening, even better:)

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First set drop in 2k21 minus the Token reward players, Wallace and Payton had 3 HOFs and a couple of Amy’s had 1 HOF each. In 2k22 few of the Primetime players also had 3 HOFs like Paul & Duncan had 4 and a few Amys again had 1. So yeah, almost the same amount minus the PD already out after 1 week with 5 HOFs as the PD trophy cards with 10 plus already!