Time out talk

Time out talk

So real nba games are 12 min qtrs with 7 time outs, nba 2k, 5 min qtrs with 7 time outs, I think this should be changed. Maybe 4 or 5 total time outs per game. That is all

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Fouls and bonus should be lowered, too.

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People say soccer is boring, but maybe it’s because they aren’t used to 45 minutes straight, no commercials.

You sit down to watch an NBA game and it’s 75 percent advertisements.


Damn, if NBA is 60% ads, what does that make the typical NFL game?

100% unwatchable.


Tbh, NFL is more of a social event.
Literally unwatchable if you’re alone and don’t have a pc/phone next to you.


Say what you want about soccer, but it starts perfectly on time, and there’s only 15 mins of commercials TOTAL which come at the half.

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Nba making only 2 time outs in last 3 min was a smart move

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