Time for defensive coaches?

Out of 4 games I played yesterday I shot less than 5 3s in two games won by 8 and 15. Strictly asking for opinions on switching from d’antoni to Pop. I know guys have slow releases but hasn’t been an issue for me before anyone says it. And magic and Lebron work good for me on the court at same time.

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If you’re not shooting that many threes and going to the post then yes, but also with your lineup you can get a lot of easy driving layups and dunks so it’s hard to say just based off lineup

You have no pure shooters in your starting 5 and no quick releases. Explains why you not shooting a lot of 3s

Even your bench doesn’t have a shooter with a quick release

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I don’t run any quick releases anymore ( doesn’t work for me and my connection lol)

Clean medium has been money for me

OP do you run freelances? Run some that get you bigs the ball and get others open

I feel like as more overpowered players gets released, there’s no need for dantoni/Casey boosts anymore. Defensive coaches the way to go

Diamond coaches give 20% more stats boost. So as long as you don’t need the speed or shooting boosts of Casey or Dantoni for some of your franchise players the diamond coaches ars always the better choice imo.

I think your s5 is very weird. You have 4 main ball handlers with 3 being elite cutters and 1 Shaq that can’t shoot. I would never run sth like this, but if it is working for you… OK.
I would rather mix things up with an elite defender or 3 point shooter to run plays for.

E.g.: Giannis of the bench in favor of AD or Pierce (LBJ at 4)

I run different series because most people sit on shaq and most my threes come from fast breaks. I look for mismatches see how other player is playing and exploit mismatches.

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The other games I hit like 10/14. I never understood the hype on quick releases because if you get your players open it doesn’t matter

I find the takeovers with defensive coaches are worth the slight loss to speed and threes, but that’s my style of play.

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I tried switching from Diantoni to Pop last week but right away I could tell that everyone felt slower.

Yer I agree with you, it’s just against the better players you aren’t open for a long time , you only have a split second to get your shot off

The only thing I don’t like about Defensive coaches is that there will be games where you can’t stop fouling your opponent, and with the too many fouls and it’s game over rule on my team, it gets a bit scary sometimes

My only issue with running Pop is that not all my players get all the boosts from him. With Kerr, every single player is an “Excellent” fit so they get all 6 boosts. With Pop some of my guys only get 4. Probably wouldn’t be an issue with your lineup though because it’s better than mine and all your guys are excellent defenders

I’m working on making the switch myself. Keep in mind that strength (anecdotally, at least) affects how well you can get open off of screens, so you’re still benefiting your outside offense by running high-proficiency players.