Time for a new PF HELP! Under 100k

Lopez is great from 3, freakin he hella cheesy and for me since I love pick and fades but his defense sucks, so most of time he’s on the bench since ppl take advantage. Forcing me to put Draymond.
Who is a good fit for my PF spot
PG- Oscar
SG- Eddie Jones
SF- Pippen
PF- Lopez, gotta go
C- Hakeem

I’ve just been using the PD Maurice Lucas reward and he’s been great for me

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Pd blake griffin is a beast and can be found for 100k during crashes. Also tom gugliotta is good if you like pick and fades, but his defense isn’t the best: it’s just fine

You can’t go wrong w Blake for sure

What you think about Marc Gasol

He is a beast: i use him as my bench 5. However he may be too slow to play the 4

lol I was thinking about big Z but his speed a 25

Diamond anthony davis. He’s great

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ive been running the first pg13 moments card as PF from my bench cuz of his high rebounding stats, maybe you can get him around/under 100k now?

Not bad, is he a liability

despite the obv… bigger much stronger guys posting up… other than that, i often see him flying across the paint to outrebound the taller guys

Amethyst Draymond for consideration…

Brook Lopez is not a C and not a PF… he is SG, play him there.

Big Ben is still one of my favs as PF. No shooting, but excellent D and Fastbreaks.

I’m with you. There are so many Big Bens on the market because of the PD codes, and he’s a great value. If you’re patient you can get him with a Diamond shoe and contract for under 50K. Can’t shoot worth a damn, but he’s an incredible defender across 5 positions, an elite rebounder, and he’s so fast in transition.

amy Dray the goat

Blake wo a doubt. Ppl been sleeping on his since he dropped. Still one of the best pfs in the game any price.

Diamond David West is pretty nice. And depending on your coach he gets sharp takeover

Blake if you can get him. His price has gone up above 100k. Googs is pretty damn good I finnaly tried him this weekend and havent been disappointed at all.

I got Blake for 100k BIN last week, never looked back