Tim Thomas

Really wanna get Tim Thomas now but I’m worried it’s a huge waste of mt at this point in myteam with the new season on Friday. What do y’all think? Is he still worth it?

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I got Tim a few weeks ago and I doubt he’ll be outdated for quite a while. His shot is quick as hell, he has a massive player model, and he zips around like a short PG. He’s one of those ultra cracked cards with longevity beyond what his attributes and badging would suggest, like Luka last year. That being said, it really depends how much MT you’re comfortable locking because DeMar is not a cheap card at all lol.

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Do you think he’s still worth the 1mil mt he’s going for? Pink diamond Demar is so rare he basically goes for 900k-1mil + Kareem

just wait for season 4.


Yeah, I bought DeMar for like 450k or something like that, and I just saw he’s crazy expensive again, so I would probably hold off. All Star cards are coming soon and that’s when the juiced cards start dropping anyway.

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Now the DeMar is a prize in unlimited at 6000 points, this set is only around 400-450k (cheaper if you grind for DeMar). Just got Thomas. He is really a glitch. His release is almost too fast.
Curious what badges and shoe did people use with him?

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he is still one of the best cards in the game

I have not applied any badge, as to the shoes I went with Dr Layup, Dr Dunk, Speed w/Ball, Int Def and Per Def

btw, can someone please tell me how Unlimited works these days?
I remember when it was nice and simple - 12-0 and that’s it
now there’s some points and tiers, brings back some bad memories of the Supermax mode
last season I played 1 game in Unlimited, lost by 20, got 300 points and a promotion :exploding_head:
so, does this mean you get to the top tier eventually no matter what? it’s just more points for winning and less for losing, but no relegations?

You’re right. You’ll get there eventually even if you lose all games (unless you quit out of them - then it’s 0 points for you) and play hundreds of games. So the more games you win, the less number of games it takes you to reach a certain reward.

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if you lose you get around 150-160 pts max

if you win, it depends - it goes from approx 150 pts if opponent quits in the 1st to close to 300 if you win by 20+

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I’m thinking, should I go for Thomas?
I’m 1 card away. How many games is it gonna take to get DeMar? Somewhere in the ball park of 40?
Tim Thomas looks nice, but is he still good enough to lock in? I have LeBron, Tatum, can afford Zion and Kawhi.
I like Kareem - my top centers atm are him, Dwight and D-Rob. And it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get Yao any time soon. But the free Yi is coming.

So, keep Kareem and get Thomas, or sell the set cards for profit, and get Kawhi and Yi instead?

P.S. Go Chiefs! :football:

P.P.S. I’ve come to my senses. Locking in for an ancient card doesn’t seem like the brightest idea of all time. New is always better as Barney Stinson would say. I think I’m gonna sell Kareem, Murray and Stoudemire (~200k for all three on PC) and get some newer cards

Not to change your mind now, but Tim Thomas is a glitch card that is better than any opal I have. Much better than DM Duncan. His shot is really quick. He has power and speed and defense well beyond what his numbers show. Yao is likely better, but not sure who else is.

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I locked him in yesterday. He’s unbelievable. Kawhi and Zion are nowhere near to what he is. You have Lebron, run him and Thomas. If you win half your games then it should be a bit over 30 games. If you win 70% of your games then it’s like 25-28 I think.


Tim Thomas will be one of the best cards in the game until another Tim Thomas comes out

I believe he might get an evo at some point. Several other set rewards already have: Kevin Love, David Thompson, CJ McCollum, Bernard King

Bro the set price would hit 2mil :joy:

Hate cards that never been this good irl … like GO rookies or meta players like Sim Bullar , Bolbol , Tim Thomas … to sell packs , the specialty of2k !!they only make cards for cash income , no sense at all and that’s why i quit every year earlier , if a studio goes for a real BBall game experience they’re going to rule the game