Tim Duncan didn't like Michael Jordan

I respect Duncan’s Opinion
I mean it’s normal not to like someone

Have you ever listened to any of Timmy’s actual interviews?
He just didn’t care.

Him not being impressed is just a sign that he doesn’t care, not that he doesn’t like MJ.
If he was arrogant and wanted to go that route, people would see him as a goat candidate today. But he didn’t care.


Yes, I saw his entire career.

“There really isn’t anybody in the world I’m impressed with.”

Nothing arrogant about that :rofl:

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I think there are couple of people this sentence does not sound arrogant. Kawhi, Duncan, Keanu Reeves maybe :joy:

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Duncan always came off to me as like the best player from the rich high school in an 80s teen movie, who drives his own BMW. He’s the textbook definition of aloof.



  1. not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.

I’m not saying he’s a bad person or not a great player, that’s just how he comes off to me :tipping_hand_man:

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We’re talking about a guy who could’ve been the 1st pick after his second college year, but decided to stay for 2 more years because he made a promise to his dying mother that he’ll finish college.

You really think a guy who received his MVP award wearing sandals was a rich high school kid driving a BMW?

Btw, he’s a huge car enthusiast and has a shop in SA.

Also a huge comics fan, as you can see from his knee braces:

Also has a Merlin tattoo.
Pretty much a nerd.


None of that is particularly relevant when discussing the quote.

Timmy is probably the least arrogant all time great ever


In 80’s Tim Duncan was kid lmao imagine other kids wait MJ win ring until 90’s bad influence

Timmy is far from arrogant. He’s just neutral.

He’s not impressed with anyone, they’re all just people at the end of the day

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Tim Duncan has always been lame. He’s like a less funny Kawhi with even less personality.

Oh what a cool guy, you’re not impressed with anyone. Nobody cares.

@Perke That jean shorts and boomer dad sandles combo are just awful.

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I know that you’re trolling, but everyone should watch this one:

More personality than the entirety of today’s superstar cast led by fake hashtag king.

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There’s no possible way I’m listening to that.

I am trolling tho. TDs aight.

They don’t make them like Timmy anymore. Social media gave these guys huge egos

Like MJ or Bird didn’t have a huge ego?


But they weren’t fake tough guys.

Most players these days are fake tough guys.

Whos a fake tough guy?

They are all freakish world class athletes they are pretty tough.

Lebron is a fake tough guy.

As soon as there’s adveristy he bails out and leaves his team in shambles. After pressuring the GM for years to get the coach sacked and to trade for his buddies.

Social media undoubtedly made dumb people dumber, smart people smarter & egotistical people that much more so

Imagine congratulating yourself on ig for reaching certain milestones like the fake king does.