Thursday Dec 5th game day thread

Excited to see what nurse throws at Harden.

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Ibaka 20 Points 20 Rebounds Game :muscle:
Millsap 30 Points 10 Rebounds Game :fire:
Reddick 30 Points 10 Three Pointers :partying_face:

James Harden 107 points. Breaks nba scoring record.
Philly will win.
Nuggets win, Pels win, Ingram 38.

James harden gonna drop 337 points on 22/73 shooting and 271/271 from FT line while Kyle Lowry twerks instead of guarding him and Russ will get 50 rebounds and 50 assists on 15/222 shooting :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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There’s nothing they can throw at Harden. He could flop his way to 35 points. His game is almost unwatchable.

I mean raps actually have a great record vs Houston lol

I just want Ben Simmons to put in a Moments performance

Might be waiting a while ;). Jk

They got OG shadowing Harden every possession. Showing a double every touch he does get. Harden hasnt gotten any scoring chances yet

Bench Gasol Let Ibaka Play the Whole Game!

Lol glad you aint coach hahahaha

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Haha just wanna let him play so my fantasy points will rack up

I hear you. I got Marc gasol Lol

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Ibaka Playing Well I see more minutes :sweat_smile:

Jesus Houston can’t miss. Harden doesn’t have many. But everyone else does lol. Fuck me

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Rubio go for 20 assist :fire:

Man Pascal fucking TRYING his ass off. This Houston team is converting from 3 like crazy

I don’t like Toronto’s “We The North” slogan. I think it’s rude to mock the US Constitition and I dont know why they have to compete with us with the North shit. We dont say Us Down South

Lol I don’t think they were thinking about slandering the US with their slogan.

I know but it’s a direct play on we the people