Thunder vs Rockets game postponed

I just wanted to watch my Thunder tonight, but James Harden and the Rockets broke COVID protocols and did not have enough players to participate. Now, the game has been postponed, even though I think it should be a forfeit, plus I just got NBA league pass and I could actually watch a non nationally televised game for once. But I can’t and hopefully Dort clamps up Lamelo on Saturday instead of Harden today. Goodbye!

Just watch the Sixers game on League Pass. Witness Greatness ©

I only got the one team package. I’m watching the Knicks game instead, cause I’m from NY

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Ah okay. Stare at the scroll on the bottom of the screen and keep yourself updated then.

That’s what I’m gonna do

Wtf, crazy

This aint cool. The league needs to come down hard on Houston. Sorry Knezius lol

Hard how? Players constantly catching covid you’re being funny. Rondo won’t play for Hawks due covid and etc.

Martin got Covid and God knows how, now they need to trace/test rest of the players.

Some of you being funny, mainly due to lack of information.

Three Houston Rockets players have returned tests that were either positive or inconclusive for coronavirus under the NBA’s testing program," wrote the NBA in a statement. "Following the contact tracing protocol, four other players are quarantined at this time. Additionally, James Harden is unavailable due to a violation of the Health and Safety Protocols.

“All other Rockets players were tested again today, and all returned negative results. Houston has one additional player who is unavailable due to injury. As such, the Rockets do not have the league-required eight available players to proceed with tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

Yah which is 2 separate, related things.

True but its damn sure not a good look. Im listening to a pod about it right now and apparently Silver is furious. We’ll see.

Harden needs to get suspended without pay, but one way or another its just gonna be more games like this.

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