Thunder VS Nuggets Thread

Who winning?

Pepsi Center so probably Nuggets :slight_smile:

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Going to give the ever so slight edge to the Nuggets in this one at home. OKC play fast but they are well rested, so I think itll be a close one

Thunder are due for a win against us. Not feeling good about this game. Murray will have to have a big game for us to win imo

Also open to a mt wager on ps4 if anyone wants to take the Thunder. Just to make it more interesting

The Nuggets have the best depth in the league in my opinion. The only team I can’t see them beating in the playoffs is the Warriors. They’re neck and neck talent wise with OKC, and both of them are great at home (especially the Nuggets) so I think however gets home court when they play in the second round will go to the WCF. If the Nuggets win tonight or in the end of March they’ll win the season series vs OKC which would mean if they were to tie for the 2nd seed in the West at the end of the season (which could very well happen) the Nuggets will get the 2nd seed. Even if OKC wins tonight and in the end of March against Denver the Nuggets will still most likely have a better inner division record and get the 2nd seed. The Nuggets are winning tonight and getting these tiebreaker scenarios out of the way IMO

I hope for a Pink Diamond Moments for this Game :smile:

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Will be a great game

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Fuck you :joy:

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Strong start for thunder

OKC got the clamps out right now

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Why can’t I be 76ers GM


PD Moments Please!

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Clean block on jokic that’s fucked

That last Jokic dime to Barton was delicious

Nice High Scoring Game! I Like it :innocent:

What the fuck are these foul calls. Refs selling OKC hard

Gonna be a long night at the free throw line apparently