Thunder V Sixers

Anybody else watching? This is gonna be a good game


Amazing so far russ hitting stuff you know thats a gg lol


Holy shit that steal and jam

Right now? I might be behind on the live stream dayum lol


Off the timeout lol

Ya there it is ha, my man

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Mvp mode today dude, miss seeing him like that on the regular

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That pass!

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Yea it was a good find

@star5CR34M you watching?

Not many okc dudes around eh

Not on here I don’t think

Hey you got any idea what good tickets go for? Buddy from Thailand visited a cavs game he sat like two miles away from the court that seat cost 75 usd couldn’t believe it was government sponsored tho so idk

Thunder tickets?

Yeah only team i care to see if ever

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When I went last year I sat behind the basket and off to the side a bit I’d get seats off seat geek they got some good prices and there’s codes you can use to get discounts

Sounds cool what did you pay?

The seats I got I think were around 100$

For being that close to the action thats fair, now i just need a thousand for the flight and im good lol

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Lol good luck bro

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