Throwback timer extended for 8 days

I hope it is a mistake…

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Promo incoming?

no tmac tomorrow :upside_down_face:

So this means we don’t get any Throwbacks this week. Bird and Magic only for another whole week.

Draft day promo would be fire


Lmao. For all the shit 2k18 got for its gameplay, content was lit at this time last year. Game was still thriving in August.

This years game already feels dead.


Not really do you see the prices on these cards? And how fiending people are for new content?

I dunno we’re getting end-game cards roughly every other day, seems decent to me, not the same as 2K18 but I think they are trying to stretch it longer than last year.

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So wait I sold my Bird for nothing? lmao

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I just have no motivation to play for an opal gervin. Last year at this time I was going for PD vince.

And there was a free locker code for a player instead of a shitty ball drop every day. All the PDs were BIN by the end of the day too. This year the new cards are still way too expensive relative to the time I actually get to use them.

And this forum is straight up dry as the Sahara right now compared to last year at this time.


They just released about 10 opals within a week

It isn’t the lack of content, we need more game modes


F no… C’mon I expected an Opal KD

I’m waiting for Opal KD. Don’t know who gets the boot between Bron, Melo, and PG. One will have to hit the market. Lebron has been the best card I’ve played with all year so far. Animations aren’t too fast and aren’t too slow. Easy greens and he is always producing. His chase down block is money.

Like 2k17…they left the last couple of weeks challenged up…no throwback…maybe garnett anf a farewell promo with a new july potm…and have a nice summer…and maybe a coupke of good locker codes (anni3)…maybe they even saw that the servers are not holding…so maybe they are saving face


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I’m pretty sure when this timer runs out we will get the NBA AWARDS CARDS, hopefully a fully loaded MVP GIANNIS

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Yeah throwbacks playoffs are probably over now. Next week probably permanent super packs for these

I don’t really like Melo. I miss a lot of shots with him

I got GO MJ, Kobe and Bron. And an entire Opal Raptors starting 5. What more can I ask for? This is pretty much the end for me