Throwback Super Packs Coming Soon?

Someone tweeted this at me, Packs are not garanteeing Elites though just normal TBT Historic Cards it looks like


yes makes a lot of sense with the last throwbacks coming up here soon

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Hopefully. I’d rather lock every TB set than grind MTU for tokens. Or… use the forbidden method…

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if it’s no tbe cards it’ll be a disappointment for me personally. Still useful for people trying to collect cards that may have come out a few months ago though.


Guessing we may see them along side the last set tomorrow or maybe they hold off till after and drop that following them

Collectors unite!!! I didn’t start completing historic sets until 6 or 8 teams ago, so this this would be BIG for those older sets with them 20,000 mt Golds and shit


the Vork DEMANDS PD Glenn Rice or an actual usable PD natural POWER FORWARD

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damn I was planning on selling all of my historics soon since I gave up on Webber gg

As long as it isn’t TBE’s then good. I need to sell off tomorrow after Giannis.

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today is the day… get to work

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Knew I shouldn’t have wasted MT on old golds, w/e.

Once again, i have to wonder if i should sell Granger lol


granger brick brick

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Good thing then. I hope we get TBE with it so I will be able to collect alot of cards and get close to JR


I sold all TBEs worth more than 10k when I got JR.
Same goes for moments.

TB superpacks probably in 2 weeks after last TB teams and I expect moments superpacks at the end of regular season.

Granger cash cash too good be brick brick


Make sure to sell those Hoibergs and Madsens.

I would think next week as well. Hopefully I cant getthe last two sets i haven’t completed.

Hey @ItsShake4ndbake, any news on the 4th GO reward?