Throwback Pack Glitch?

Anyone rip singles of the guaranteed TB packs recently? Last 2 days every pack is a Sonics/Thunder player. Talking over 20 packs

Endless Detlef Schremphs isnt really a glitch

More of a nightmare


Really? I’ll check this out now…

I’ve gotten a mix of both. this is pretty normal though.

Bro, really? The “Guaranteed” packs are always guaranteed Throwbacks. Hence the name “Guaranteed”. :man_facepalming:t3:


Bro… they are supposed to be TWO teams. Stop TRYING to be a dick. You just are one as is.

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Actually…your bball knowledge is that poor you dont realize the Sonics and Thunder are the same team… even better


You meant just Sonic’s players? I pull Josh Smiths often

Excuse me? Did you just challenge my basketball knowledge? Bro I know all about the Sonics with coach George Karl & Players like Sam Perkins & Detlef Schremf. I watched them get served by the :goat: in the Finals. I also know that 2 years after drafting KD, the team moved to OKC. This is where Sam Presti put together a team that should be the current Dynasty, not the Warriors. But hey, I just misread your message. Dick.

The last four letters were unnecessary


Yea aight

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He started it.

You did misread it. You were also antagonistic and trying to score some points that only matter in your own head for no reason when I’m nothing but respectful and helpful to others in our community here. I’m strictly zero tolerance for bullshit though so I called you out and you cant apologize… just be a dick further. Shows your character clown.

Your the one throwing insults homeboy. I just repeated yours. If you don’t like it, I don’t know what to tell you buddy. Maybe you’ll pull GP, he used to play for the Thunder. :upside_down_face:

Did Daequan Cook play for the Sonics? He is in the packs right? You are such a clown. (Not your)

no. i pulled rip hamilton from that a day ago. but as you said most of them are from the sonic or thunder

OP isn’t wrong. I think more thunder/sonics players are getting pulled. Not sure how much more.

But the pistons players are selling for more.

You’re right op. Opened 1 pack. Sonics player. The Glove himself.