Throwback Moments Kawhi?

We have to get a 95-98 Kawhi, do you think he comes in these packs for finals mvp?

Maybe, hopefully

what do u want to upgrade from his amy?
he has every hof badges what he needs, great shooting, defense and dunking stats also.

A 98 steal lmao

okay, I just dont see it worth it to spend 200k on him, when his amy already op for me. he is my starting 3 since he came out.

As a Kawhi fan, I want a diamond/flawless player. I want someone I don’t have to ever question starting (end game), and I would drop 450 k on him. I want better speed, better swb, ball control etc. I want better reaction time, steal, draw foul.

94 three ball and awesome swb would be prettyyyyyyy nice

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I would take 94 speed 90 swb… and thats not even elite

Kawhi is one of my favorite players to play with in 2k. Hopefully they make him right and not shitty defense wise like his amy version.