Thrilling online game I just played, or was it?

Just played a game that had the looks of it to be the most thrilling game I’ve played in a few weeks. But for some reason it wasn’t thrilling at all. Instead it had my heart pumping and I didn’t trust the game.
Down 10-14 all game, I came back with just 1 min left in the game to tie it into overtime. Then I went up by 12 to end the game.

Why wasn’t it so thrilling?


  1. If I had been playing good competition, it would of been thrilling going down the wire and OT.
  2. If I was able to make open shots, it would of helped the thrill level.
  3. If my opponent wasn’t helped the entire game tremendously, it could of helped.
  4. If my opponents team was closer to or better then my team, maybe more thrill would be happening.
  5. If 2k didn’t make me wait until the last min of the game to have a chance at beating a noob, might help.
  6. Would for sure help me trust the game if it let me play defense.
  7. If the game played fair 90 percent of the time, that might solve most of it.
  8. If it wasn’t so obvious that 2k was dictating that game, I might of felt more in control.

I mean, the guy was walking up to the 3 point line and pulling it way slow. How can I not read n react at all? It would not allow me to play. 5 percent when i was being more then froze for no reason. IT simply would not let me play defense and made my offense suffer when wipe the heck open.

I was literally down 12 points with around 1 min left in the game.

Here we go again with the “oh my, I almost lost a game. Clearly it was the games fault and not mine.”

So how does a game play fair when it’s based off of ratings and probabilities? Even if your shot is supposed to go in 80% of the time, there’s still a 20% chance you’ll miss. There’s a chance you can miss multiple times in a row.

This is why 2k can’t make this game realistic anymore. Could you imagine the amount of crying that would happen if you make 35-40% of your 3pts?

This is how every post is. “When I was losing, it was the game screwing me, but when I won, that was all my skill and me beating 2ks algorithm.”


You assume a lot moron.

Your assuming most of what you just typed out. The game can screw you either way, its not about win or loss. I don’t expect to make everything shot I take when Open. Your a fucking moron.

Its obvious your a newb when it comes to this game. Your narrative you speak of has nothing to do with the thread itself. You are assuming a logical fallacy based on what? Here we go again with a major fool speaking his mind and not reading to understand the thread in stead. Go cry about what others are “in your book” crying about.


Ronnie2K: “Hey Mike Wang, I’m bored, what should we do?”

Mike Wang: “Yo, AJ49689 is playing a game. Let’s hack into it real quick and give his opponent a ton of boosts. It would be hilarious.”

Ronnie2k: “Yo man, that’s dope. Let’s make him wait until the last minute of the game to give him a shot of being this noob.”

Mike Wang: “Hilarious. I bet that dude will go cry on a message board about it too. We’re about to ruin his whole week!.”

Ronnie2k sits behind his desk as matrix themed code starts to fall as he hacks into AJ49689’s game. When asked for his username, he types in ThaAlgorithm


Now now children, let’s not fight

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Don’t make mattpoz stop this car!


Go back to MLB dude

Damn straight :joy::joy::joy:

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Nah it’s pretty damn obvious when the algorithm is fucking over my opponent as well.

If you don’t believe 2k have a player engagement algorithm that benefits new users to engage them and frustrate exisiting /regular users into spending cash then I don’t know what to tell you.

Why do you think 2k have moved so far into casino style rewards? It’s algorithm manipulated ‘RNG’ in game and out of game in things like the vault, accession boards, packs, all of it.

Like I said, if you honestly believe 2k is pure luck based at this point then it is what it is.

But it’s plain as day the difference between losing a game that has algorithm involved vs losing a game without it. And the same is absolutely there for winning.


Thought all of 2k20 and 21 I haven’t felt like I could go into a game knowing I’m the better player and winning based off of skill the amount of whites my opponent makes is just ridiculous

This year it was even worse than last

while the RNG in gameplay makes the game barely unplayable the rewards are also based on RNG which sucks just look at any thread about ferry or terry d some people played upwards of 500 and even 1000 games for either cards and then some played under 50 games and got both I’m really starting to hate the way this game is going hopefully 2k22 is going to be way different but I’m sure it won’t be

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if you were really that much of a better player they wouldn’t make many whites if you contest them. I agree that 3pt make % is too high, but timing a jumper shouldnt be the only skill gap

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Not sure if you have played next gen but so many whites go in in mtu and tto I can’t count on one hand how many time I’ve made a white over the past 5 games and I could easily count past 25 times my opponent has made a white contesting isn’t the problem it’s easy to do but when you’re rotating and jump blinders just cancels the contest and even then most 35%+ whites will still drop u less you have sharp take you will then only green smothered shots

The gameplay is complete shit shot contest have nothing to do with RNG shooting mechanics being one sided

Plus there is barely a skill gap on next gen I could give my grandma the controller and she would be able to posterise someone 6 possessions in a row

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Some people waste their time trying to convince me that the game is fair. I’ve had an account for a very long time, longer then most anyone here. I’ve played way, way too much to not know what I’m talking about. When someone tells me there is no such foolery in this game, I know they are a newb.

The game has never changed much to me and its only gotten worse every year. Instead of making a new game, its the same game with more added bullshit programming.

I will take good timed wide open shots and miss maybe 3 out of 4 shots to start a game. Then the other guy will make a few whites and they will be contested 30-40 percent. My opponent will have great control over their movement and I will have a hard time just turning around. My guys will be lazy and passes will be made way late. My guys will make open passes and no one will be able to catch the ball with out an animation to slow me down. I will try like mad to get open and every time I do something happens to favor my opp and screw me.

The entire time ill be yelling at the game, "2k!, this guy sucks! come on!

I’ll have to roll my eyes at barely being able to score on open attempts or the animations near the rim to give my opp the best chances at blocking or stealing the ball from me.

Mind you I’m using analog for dunks and doing everything I can to get easy baskets. IT wont matter, Ill be fighting like hell just to stay in the game and the CPU will undoubtedly help my opp stay in the game.

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I very rarely play online so I can’t tell, but played 10 years online FUT and there was a similar debate there.

I have no reason not to believe you, but there is one thing which I struggle to accept - how is it that it is always against you?

If it is a thing, and I understand it probably is, it must work both ways, so there must be games where the AI helps you to beat a better opponent.

I don’t talk about this enough:

I have a lot of great games where its equal and it can go down to the wire.
Where I feel good about losing to someone that is showing great skill and IQ.
I have noticed when I play much better teams, that the game will be in my favor.

I notice these things more now then ever:

When my opponent is missing easy shots while I’m making contested shots.
Also when they are getting bad animations or having non forced turnovers.

Most of the time, my opponent quits when the game isn’t titled in their favor.

I tend to be stupid enough to continue playing until the game rips out my heart.

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I think we can all agree that this game can be very scripted at times so I feel you man.

Sadly it’s the same in other sports game too, FIFA is probably even worse but what can we do…we still play it. But tbh sometimes the momentum is sometimes in your favour, sometimes it’s against you…but when that happens it’s still very annoying and frustrating to play yeah