I use Dame simply cause he can’t miss

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Is Giannis a offensive liability since he can’t shoot?

He as a 74 open3 with a diamond shoe and Dantoni. Cash from the corners

Michael Jordan and baron davis looking a bit strange

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lol 2kmt has screwed up the cards this year

run embiid at PF and giannis at C. trust me lol


He actually hits 3’s and middy’s at a nice rate for me, believe it or not (.441, although he might only take two 3’s a game). I run him at PF just for the transition offense… I don’t think there’s any player in the game above 6’9” who can run the transition game like Giannis. He either can take it all the way for a dunk/layup, or he can stop at the top of the key and run the offense like a PG while being guarded by some slow ass PF that he can easily take off the dribble.


I want that damn Embiid… sell jerseys, sell!

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Lol why?

Actually I saw that one game of you and Mutombo was killing Giannis there :smiley: Obviously not many Cs can hang out with Giannis though.

do you run ruby baron at the 3?

No, that’s Gerald Wallace. 2kmt just messed up the names